R I C K S A N T O R U M 2 0 1 2

Apr 07






Multiculturalism explained.

Multiculturalism is code word for anti-white. These people will wipe us out once they become the majority. 

Ohh, so acknowledging the viewpoints and legitimacy of other cultures is anti-white? I thought it was pro-equality and anti-discriminatory. Thanks for the clarification, dipshit.

If you’re asking me if I should tolerate white genocide then NO, I will NOT tolerate white genocide in ANY way, shape or FORM. Western society is the most civilized, advanced and beautiful culture (with the most beautiful people) so why should we bend over backwards for you?? You come here and accept US! You moved to OUR countries so accept our rules or GET OUT!!

people fail to realise that regardless of skin colour we’re all human. Just because other humans want to be on equal ground with rights that does not mean they are trying to wipe you out dumbass.

We’re not “all human”. People who wish to destroy us are NOT human.

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    Usually when I see a string of comments like these I assume that Tumblr is overreacting. But Jesus Christ on the cross,...
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